Festival Combos  

Dutch Truffle Half Kg with 5 Red Roses and Chocolate Bag

Rs. 549 Rs. 660

Death By Chocolate Cake One Kg with 5 Red Roses and Chocolate Bag

Rs. 999 Rs. 1210

Butter Scotch Cake One Kg with 5 Red Roses and Chocolate Bag

Rs. 799 Rs. 990

Black Forest Half Kg Cake with 5 Red Roses and Chocolate Bag

Rs. 499 Rs. 615

Pineapple One kg Cake With 8 Mix Gerbera Bouquet

Rs. 1020 Rs. 1169

Most Popular Cakes  

Turkish Nutty Blast Cake Half Kg

Rs. 550

Dutch Truffle Cake Half Kg

Rs. 495

Duet Swirls Cake Half Kg

Rs. 495

French Vanilla Bourbon Cake Half Kg

Rs. 550

Opera Cake Half Kg

Rs. 715

Mississippi Chocolate Cake Half Kg

Rs. 660

Best Birthday Cakes  

Premium Vanilla Cake One Kg

Rs. 715

Premium Pineapple Cake One Kg

Rs. 825

Premium Butter Scotch Cake One Kg

Rs. 825

Premium Black Forest Cake One Kg

Rs. 825

Chocolate Cream Cake One Kg

Rs. 825

Premium Strawberry Cake One Kg

Rs. 880

Wedding Cakes  

Wedding Cake WC01

Rs. 1000

Couple Match Purple Themed Weddings Cake WC02

Rs. 1000

Silhouettes Wedding Cake WC03

Rs. 1000

Calla Lily Wedding Cake WC04

Rs. 1000

White Purple Wedding Cake WC05

Rs. 1000

Purple Forest Theme Cake WC06

Rs. 1000

Plum Cakes
Plum Cakes

With Chef Bakers, you can order your favorite flavours anytime as the midnight cakes deliveries are made possible in Bangalore and Hyderabad for your ease.

Designer Cakes
Designer Cakes

Chef Bakers have revolutionized the way of buying simple and designer cakes with the easy and fast online website. Now, you can get the most delicious cakes.

Photo Cakes

Photo Cakes

The instant deliveries confirm the freshness and quality of the cakes too. So, you can hope to actually surprise your loved ones with the beautiful and tasty cakes.

3D Cakes

3D Cakes

The Chef Bakers are reputed Online Cake Delivery specialists due to their additional express and midnight delivery services. The right cakes for right occasions are created with love.

Standard Cakes Delivery

We try to deliver the cake as soon as possible to your address after getting the order. Our chefs complete the cake decoration in a short time, and you get the cake on the next day of placing an order. The good-quality, fresh and delicious cakes can help you to celebrate any special occasion at your home.

Midnight Cakes Delivery

The cakes can be delivered to the given address in Bangalore between 10 P.M to 12 A.M in the night by our staffs. This can help you to surprise your loved one on his or her special day. You can gift the favourite flavour of the cake to your dear one's in the mid night to make his or her special day even more charming.

Express Cakes Delivery

We know the importance of the special day in your life, and we don't fail to meet the deadline. The expert cake designers complete decorating the cakes in a short span and our reliable staffs deliver it to your doorstep within two hours in the same day. This super fast delivery system can make your celebration successful whenever you want.

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Chef Bakers brings you out from the dilemma of choosing the right cake for the right occasion. Browse the different categories mentioned on our website to have a ride through the creamy and delicious cakes that can wish everything from 'Happy birthday' to 'Congratulations'. Be it your house warming parties or the monthly anniversary of the newly wedded couple, we have not one but many choices for every event that holds a special space in your life.

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Delivery Facilities

If you are finding a site where you can order a cake and expect an on-time delivery, then you can come to the chef bakers. Here you will get a wide range of collections of the cakes that are made of different ingredients by the experts. These delicious cakes can be delivered anytime anywhere in Bangalore. Specialties of the delivery system of this site can insist you experience the delicious cakes at least once.

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Chef Bakers is available at Hyderabad and is famous for its quality delivery at the doorsteps of the residents of Hyderabad. We at Chef Bakers make the festive occasions and parties in Hyderabad a little more happening by working hard to serve you with our specially baked cakes made by our expert bakers and Chefs. Try us once and you will keep coming back! Read More