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Caramel Chocolate Cake One Kg   

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Rs 800

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(Car-mel, Cha-co-lat ) Chocolate Sponge, Layered with Whipped Cream, Homemade Caramel and Chocolate Garnish. Caramel goes extremely well with chocolate, as long as the rich flavors of the two are maintained. This cake is the perfect choice if you like excess of chocolate on your cake with a twist- some nice and fresh whipped cream because every cake is only better with some cream on it. Using homemade caramel will ensure the flavor is fresh and scrumptious and satisfies the taste buds of every single person who gives it a try, no matter how small the size of the slice they take because it is sure to leave them wanting much more. The chocolate garnish on the other hand is but a cherry on top!


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