Premium Duet Swirls Cake One Kg
Premium Duet Swirls Cake One Kg Premium Duet Swirls Cake One Kg

Premium Duet Swirls Cake One Kg   

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Rs 880

Extra Rs 50/- per Kg for Eggless cakes..

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Product Details

(Duet, swe: ls) Vanilla Sponge, Layered with Whipped Cream, Chocolate Truffle, Mango Crush, Strawberry Crush, Litchi Crush with Chocolate Garnish This fruity cake is everything that a person who loves baking and something fresh would go for, without a second doubt. The mango crush, strawberry crush and litchi crush have very different tastes and yet, when brought together, the blend of it all is irresistible. The chocolate garnish adds up to the taste. The vanilla sponge, however, should be soft and gooey so that the tastes come together easily. Adding layers of some fresh whipped cream will make designing the cake much easier and add a different flavour. So bring together the classics and create this one, beautiful cake that is sure to leave anyones mouth watering!