Online Cakes Shop Chefbakers Open At Gachibowli Hyderabad



Premium Plum Cake Christmas traditional recipe from the Best Bakery of Bangalore, Plum cake refers to the variety of cakes made with fruits and dry fruits, This christmas Plum cakes are a limited edition product it only arrives when season. Premium margarine for baking plum cakes, pound cakes, danish pastries & cake icing. Offers cream convenience better than butter. The emulsifiers and moisture ensure proper aeration and blending of ingredients. Leaves a good aftertaste. Makes soft and voluminous cakes. 



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Chef Baker's is a chain of bakeries and confectioneries offering a nice and cozy ambiance and an economical menu. The place serves a variety of delicious baked items and an array of mouth-watering continental fast food dishes from its exclusive and fairly affordable menu. Every dish here is prepared using the finest ingredients and every baked item is fresh and moist to your heart's content. 


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