Valentines Day Is Love Your Love With More Than Love


Valentines Day Is Love Your Love With More Than Love

How about celebrating your love with the same gay abandon? Better still, how about celebrating your togetherness on a day that is devoted totally to love? February 14 is devoted to lovers all over the world as Valentine’s Day! It’s a day when sweet whispers, love, the fragrance of red roses and pink balloons are in the air.

Come…celebrate Valentine’s with someone you love

Come…celebrate Valentine’s with a little help from Like every breath of love you breathe, we have thought through of everything that you’ll need to make the occasion special and memorable – from fragrant red roses and an assortment of creamy-rich chocolates to exotic sweetheart cakes and a sumptuous dining menu.

All ordered online and delivered conveniently in the comfort of your home. After all, we do not want those tender moments of togetherness wasted in traffic jams. Our Bangalore bakery ensures that by delivering at your doorstep!

Red roses and dark chocolates delivered at midnight

Start with our midnight delivery service on the night of February 13 and wet your valentine’s appetite with red roses and chocolates. The midnight surprise will be a perfect curtain-raiser to the first moments and minutes of Valentine’s Day.

Cakes that match every feeling and emotion  

Next, choose from our range of cakes to express your exact feelings. There are Designer Cakes, Photo Cakes, Occasion Cakes, Signature Cakes and Special Cakes that capture your exact emotion. There is Satin Strawberry Cake…sweet, tangy and delicious as your love. Chocolate Cream or Caramel Chocolate Cake that is as deep, mysterious and sinful as your passion. Vanilla Gateaux… light and frothy as every tender breath of love, and Pineapple or Mango Cake that is ripe for the moment. 

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