Online Express Cakes Delivery in Hyderabad

Express Cakes Delivery in Hyderabad - Fresh, Lightning fast and appetizing!

Your favourite Cake-makers ChefBakers have specialised the cake deliveries with the express services, adding a new flair to your events in Hyderabad. We have bought numerous designs and flavours for all your occasions and parties to keep them unique every time.

The juicy and fresh cakes, available at ChefBakers, will instantly cause a lovely smile on each cake lover's face bringing you many compliments and unlimited happiness.
The fame and reputation of our tastiest cakes speak for itself. With years of exploration and experience, we have attained the excellence and uniqueness in making totally different cakes.
Our par expertise in making, same day cake delivery in Hyderabad and fastest 2-hour services - everything is just perfect for your urgency and perfectionist requirements.

Everyone like surprises but the sadness when you have forgotten to bring the most mandatory dish i.e. the cake, for a birthday, anniversary or any such happy occasion always spoils such events. So, our team have now made it effortless to present the best cakes in such situations with our express cake delivery services, available from 9AM to 7PM.

Same day cake delivery in Hyderabad - All you wished!

The long-wished same day cake delivery service in Hyderabad is now made available to by ChefBakers. We are the cost-effective and quality-driven brand, always thriving towards the excellence and taste-enhancement. The varieties, flavours, categories and services - everything is planned with perfection to make your most special days unforgettable.

2 hours cake delivery - For Urgencies, surprises and special choices!

Not all flavours can be easily found in the market but ChefBakers have it all. You name it and we will deliver. Compromising on the super-special days is no more needed.
So, the next time - when you need the unique and tasty most designer cakes for any event like the birthdays and weddings - Fetch it from the online shop of ChefBakers. We deliver happiness directly to your homes!

Express Cakes

There's no need to wait for an occasion to cut a cake. Sometimes the heart wishes to eat lots of cake or celebrate the success of a friend or a colleague. People should celebrate small joys of life and that's precisely why you need a BEAUTIFUL CAKE!
If you are in another city and your long-distance boyfriend/girlfriend are complaining about YOU not meeting them up, it is time to make up! Send a birthday cake/Valentine's cake/Christmas cake/Occasion cake to them by opting for our EXPRESS DELIVERY!
That's right! We deliver fresh cakes within 2 hours. All you need to do is place the order on our official website and we will ensure that the cake reaches your beloved in just 2 hours.

Get Express Cakes in 2 Hours

When there is a celebration in the home or outside, stepping out to find a yummy cake may be too time-consuming. How about opting for express cake delivery? We have myriad of options available on our site. You can simply pick the cake you like and fill the requirements such as the date of delivery, message, weight of cake and flavor.
We assure you that the express cake will reach you in just 2 hours!

Flavors To Make You Drool

There are quite a few flavors up for grabs! We have truffle cake, mango, strawberry, caramel chocolate, black forest, pineapple, butter scotch, death by chocolate and chocolate cream express cakes. These are readily available and our bakers prepare these cakes the same day! Freshness is guaranteed and the taste will be close to perfection.
Our bakers take pride in being one of the best in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Freshly out of the oven and 100% yummy taste. You can't get a better delivery system and prettier cake than ours!

Pocket-friendly Prices and High on Taste

Worrying about the price? Don't fret! When you opt for Chef Bakers, money is never an issue. Our express cakes start from INR 415. You can get flavorful cakes at a nominal price and they are quite delicious.
Our existing clients believe in us and we are ready to embrace new clients! Express cakes are perfect for people who tend to forget birthdays and special days like anniversary, promotion or a bachelorette party.
Give us the opportunity to make your occasion super special. Whether it is midnight or middle of the day, we will make sure your cake reaches the doorstep ON TIME.