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Belgian Cacao Berry (Chef Spl) Cake Kg

Belgian Cacao Berry (Chef Spl) Cake Kg

Price 1875

Product Description
Product Highlights Cake Flavour : Caramel Chocolate Type of Cake : Caramel Cream Minimum Weight : 1 Kg Filling in Layers : Caramel Sauce & Caramel Nuts Toppings : Truffle and Chocolate Garnish

Long Description

Care Instructions

  • Store cream cakes in a refrigerator within 1 hour.

  • Fondant cakes should be stored in an air conditioned environment.

  • Slice and serve the cake at room temperature and make sure it is not exposed to heat.

  • Use a serrated knife to cut a fondant cake.

  • Sculptural elements and figurines may contain wire supports or toothpicks or wooden skewers for support.

  • Please check the placement of these items before serving to small children.

  • The cake should be consumed within 24 hours

  • Certain Food grade colours might be strong (Red, Green Blue...) and stick to tongue or hands. Use your own discretion to order such cakes!